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About dye colours for leather from Kenda Farben Italy

Posted by Jonathan Greig on

There are two main products made by Kenda Farben in Italy for dye colouring leather. Often this dye colouring is called hand painted or hand painting and the result on leather, whether for shoes or leather goods, is often called patina.

Patina is generally thought to refer to the high and lows, or if you like light and dark, that comes from the hand application of dye colours on crust leather. One or more colours can be applied, often in layers.


So first we look at the Toledo dye colour system for hand colouring crust leather. 

Toledo is a high-power dye colour for changing the colour of vegetable and chrome tanned leather, commonly known as crust leather.

Toledo is easy to use and can easily be applied by hand with a sponge pad, by spraying or by dip dye method (full immersion).

The dye colouring process gives the leather a transparent and natural aspect.

Important benefits of the Toledo dye colouring system are deep absorption in the crust leather, good transparency and the ability to keep the leather soft. Leather dyed with Toledo remains flexible and does not crack if flexed, stretched or lasted, in any temperature. Treatment with finishing creams and waxes will ensure amazing brilliance and the essential nourishment of the leather.

The new Toledo Zero version is now available.

It is odourless, allowing easy use in every work place, being ideal for sample room, small production environments and for artisan handcraft makers.


Then we come to the second product, known as Kaleidos, which is quite different from Toledo. Kaleidos is a special dye colour cream. The cream is fluid and transparent giving a rich aniline effect. The special features of the product are the easy hand application and versatility of use.

Kaleidos can be applied by hand with a sponge pad and by spray gun. As the penetration in the leather is less immediate, the creation of special fashion effects is possible.

Again, the use of finishing creams and waxes offer a variety of looks and variation of hand touch.

Kaleidos can be used on crust and semi-finished leathers, as well as on synthetic materials such as eco-leather, rubber, TR, polyurethane, EVA, polystyrene.


Now here is something different...

Toledo and Kaleidos are compatible with each other and can even be used in combination to achieve the very fashionable Italian look with bi-colour effects and patina hand painted style with highs and lows.

Toledo and Kaleidos find favour with both shoemakers and makers of small leather goods.

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