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Quickproof is the easy to use water repellant by spray

Posted by Jonathan Greig on

Talk to us and get a demo of the amazing effect of Quickproof, after spraying on leather shoes.

In fact Quickproof can be used not only on leather, but on any materials that absorb liquids, such as cotton and canvas. Quickproof creates a barrier in the material that prevents water entering and also prevents dirt and dust going in.

Quickproof has to be tested with your leather to check suitability and some consideration must be given to the finishing products that you wish to use alongside the Quickproof.

Now Quickprrof is a vey effective water repellant, not for true waterproof effect it is still better to use leather than has been waterproofed by the tannery.

This product is made in Italy by Kenda Farben.