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Our partners


Founded in Garlasco, PV, in Italy in 1963 and today the most famous supplier of finishing products for leather and dye colours. Used all around the world by makers of shoes and leather goods and a quality enjoyed by famous brands.

The factories are in Italy, China, India, Brasil and Serbia.

With its own sales offices, and together with dealers and agents, the Kenda Farben network today covers more than sixty countries. 


For over twenty years they are in the business of making toe puff, counter and reinforcement materials for both shoe makers and makers of bags and leather goods. Their products have found favour with many customers and are often hailed as Italy quality with prices that come from Asian production.

They have two units, covering both production, sales and distribution, they are Garde srl in Italy and their China company Garde Shoe Material Co Ltd, near Dongguan. 


Gruppo Mastrotto was established in 1958, when three family members laid the foundations of a company that now employs more than 2,300 staff throughout the world and has an annual turnover of more than 455 million Euros.

The Group has sixteen locations: of which seven are manufacturing plants and five are logistics facilities in the leather district Arzignano, close to Vicenza. There are also manufacturing plants in Brasil, Tunisia, Indonesia and Mexico.


The Cuoificio La Querce originates from the ancient Conceria Dani, founded in late 1800's. After a short period of inactivity during the Second World War, the production resumed in 1946 under the name of Conceria Dani Guido and Piero.

In 1980 the name was changed to Cuoificio La Querce and the tannery was moved to a new modern production plant.

La Querce produces top quality sole leather according to the age old vegetal tanning process typical of this part of Italy area.


MOS being the most recent Leather Connection new kid on the block brings cutting edge Italian fashion and technology.

In a carefully curated collection they offer state of the art Italy style with fashion leathers produced 100% in Italy. The collection includes patent, printed, foiled and hand finished articles. 

Since 2016 MOS is on point and on style - every season brings new, vibrant and fresh ideas.


Leather Connection began working with Crescent over 5 years ago. They are based in Kanpur and primarily focus on goat lining leather, supplied in bigger quantities. The tannery specialises in goat and sheep lining, goat leather for shoe uppers and some foiled articles. They are also producing some chrome free leather. This tannery is reliable and easy to work with.


We are recently in 2018 starting our cooperation with this India tannery from Kanpur. We will soon be able to show in Italy and Vietnam showrooms some references of the leather they make.

This tannery produces high quality leather and uses the raw material come from Europe.

This tannery is LWG certified, part of the Leather Working Group which is internationally recognised.


This tannery was established in Lahore over 25 years ago and under the careful eye of the Vecchi family has grown to produce world class goat leather collections specialised both classic and sporty articles with contrasting fashion products with foil and fantasy finishes. They specialise in goat upper leather with ranges including classic, sporty, foiled and laminated articles as well as sheep Nappa, with raw material from Africa and patent finish on cow leather. This tannery is LWG certified - part of the Leather Working Group. Dada Tannery is able to hold its head up high as being a first rate supplier to many famous western shoe brands; often considered often as Italy leather made in Pakistan.


Premium is a more recent addition to the Leather Connection stable. Nonetheless with over 25 years of collaborative working this Lahore tannery has gone from strength to strength in cow leather production. 

Some of the more noteworthy articles include semi-chrome crust and natural and colours and patent fashion leathers with some startling fashion affects.

Premium is very good a supplying good, clean leather at competitive prices. This is a tannery better suited to larger bulk orders and big factory customers.

Specialises in cow leather for uppers, natural and covered finishing, laminated articles and crust leathers which can be supplied in full chrome and semi-veg.


This tannery specialises in PU leather with using special Permair technology. They also produce some cow leather for shoe uppers and lining as well as a nice range of waterproof articles.