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Diamante E liquid gloss for leather soles, natural 31261

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Diamante E is a high gloss finish that is used for leather outsoles and leather heels and including the edges. This leather chemical product is colourless and can be applied by hand with a sponge pad by painting in lines. The product can also be applied by spray and by brush. The result will be an immediate high shine gloss finish, with good resistance to abrasion and water. The finish has a nice smooth hand touch. This chemical for leather is water based.

It is very important to use a chemical to harden the leather, for example Kentac Super, before using the Diamante E product.

After applying Diamante E, for best result leave to dry for a full 24 hours and then brush well with wax Abrasiva on a cotton brush and then for gloss shine with wax Carnauba on a wool brush. You will need a rotary brushing machines for this.

Diamante E is used by makers of shoes with leather outsoles, both mens shoes and ladies shoes that have leather soles or leather covering on heels.

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Made in Italy by Kenda Farben.
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