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Kentac Super, liquid chemical hardener for leather, colourless 348500

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Kentac Super is a must have product for all shoe makers using leather soles and heels for mens shoes or leather soles or heel coverings for ladies shoes.

It is a solvent based chemical, a colourless liquid, that when applied on the leather and after drying will result in a very hard, tough and durable surface for the leather, to make the shoes very hard wearing in all weathers..

Apply by hand with a sponge pad or brush, applying in lines. 

After fully dry, no more than 20-30 minutes at room temperature (no need oven), normally some liquid finishing product like Diamante E is used, or a cream finishing product.

If the leather outsoles or heels are to be coloured using Toledo, this will be done after the Kentac Super and before the finishing process.

Made in Italy by Kenda Farben.

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