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Mixer black 364501 for Antiqua Super Dye colour for leather

Regular price 45.000₫

This is the revolutionary dye colour cream from Kenda Farben Italy called Antiqua Super Dye. It is a system of dye colour creams only for making brown colours on leather. The Antiqua Super Dye system provides five brown colours as basic standard and then mixers which can be used to adjust the nuance or tone of the final colour. The mixer products are sold in red, blue, yellow, grey, black and natural.

Antiqua Super Dye makes strong and deep penetrating colour in the leather and the vibrant colours are long lasting. This dye colour cream product is finding favour with both shoe makers and makers of leather goods and bags.

Other finishing products from Kenda Farben may be used after the application of Antiqua Super Dye, such as finishing creams and waxes for brushing the leather. The use of additional leather finishing products offer a variety of looks and variation of hand touch. Antiqua Super Dye is best applied by hand with a sponge pad. It is easy and simple to apply and will spread and cover the leather well.

Antiqua Super Dye is made in Italy by Kenda Farben. The prices show here are excluding shipping and VAT. The Antiqua Super Dye products and their mixers are now in stock in our shop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.