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Quickproof 329314 water repellant liquid by spray on leather

Regular price 55.000₫

~ USD 13.16 / Lit (5 Lit packing) + VAT + shipping.

Quickproof is a colourless liquid used by spray.

The main purpose is to create a water repelling barrier on the leather. The barrier will resist water, dirt and dust. It can also be used to fix the colour.

Quickproof works well on most types of leather, including suede and nubuck and can also create a water repelling effect on other materials that have absorption, including cotton and canvas.

The quantity of product sprayed on depends on the leather, and it is important to test to know the correct quantity that will achieve the water repelling. Some trials should be made. If not enough product is used the water repellant effect will not be seen.

Quick proof can be used by shoe makers and bag makers.

If you have more questions then please talk to us. Help and advice is always free!

Made in Italy by Kenda Farben.