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Toledo Soft professional liquid dye colour, tortora 33012N

Regular price 45.000₫

Toledo is a high-power transparent dye colour for changing the colour of vegetable and chrome tanned leather, commonly known as crust leather.

Toledo is easy to use and can easily be applied by hand with a sponge pad, by spraying or by the dip dye method (full immersion). The dye colouring process gives the leather a transparent and natural aspect.

Toledo dye colours are transparent so the final colour of the leather depends on the original colour of the crust leather. These colours are shown as a guide, not the final colour on the leather.

Important benefits of the Toledo dye colouring system are deep absorption in the crust leather, good transparency and the ability to keep the leather soft. Leather dyed with Toledo remains flexible and does not crack if flexed, stretched or lasted, in any temperature. 

Treatment with finishing products will ensure amazing brilliance and the essential nourishment of the leather.

Toledo Soft has less strong resins and the leather will tend to be softer after dying when compared with Toledo Super. Toledo dye colours are solvent based.

Made in Italy - Kenda Farben